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  • 5% of all pupils are lesbian or gay?
  • in many countries (for example Iran) homosexuality is being punished by death?
  • in Romania homosexuality was forbidden until only a few years ago?
  • in Turkey there hasn't been any sanctions against homosexuality for many decades?
  • in the Federal Republic of Germany section 175 of the german penal code was changed not until 1994 with the contract that united East and West Germany. In this case West Germany had to adapt the East German law.
  • only 27% of the young people can explain what «heterosexuality» means, but 91% know what «homosexuality» is?
  • the rate of young people who commit suicide is four times higher under gays and lesbians than under heterosexuals?
  • the  majority of gay and lesbian teachers have not yet had their  coming out?
  • In some states of the European Union there isn't any law against discrimination, although  the contract of Amsterdam from May 1999 obliges the old members of the Union to install such a law before the 2nd of December 2003.


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